Aside from building this blog, the last week was spent making a pair of Sweetheart Overalls in a heavy green corduroy. I previously used this Decades of Style pattern and modified it into a pair of wide legged trousers, but I recently made a shirt too short and thought these overalls were perfect to wear with it.

Decades of Style Sweetheart Overalls

The whole thing went together smoothly for a while, even though I made a minor modification where I wasn’t sure of the directions. When it came time to attach the lining to the back, I chose to edge stitch the lining, like the exterior, insert the shoulder straps, then top stitch the layers together. Pictures might make more sense:

Lining the back inset

Finished back inset









As I said, things *were* going smoothly…. But when it came time for my final fittings, I found a problem: my zipper wouldn’t zip.

Looking closely, I discovered I had torn a tiny hole in the zipper. Unsure if this was the problem, I made multiple efforts to reposition the zipper to ensure the fabric wasn’t blocking the zip, and that the waist wasn’t too snug to zip.

A tiny hole in the zipper

In the end, I have put this aside for an 18th century gown due next week. Then I’ll try replacing the zipper entirely. In the meantime, here are some pics to whet your appetite for the finished product!