It seems there’s a huge trend out there for bullet journals and project planners and other life organizers. As I went down the rabbit hole of vintage sewing, I realized a sewing project planner might be helpful to track my project ideas and notes. Especially as I quickly stocked up on more and more vintage-look fabric and patterns.

I looked at a number of publicly available project planners, but they just didn’t suit me. So I made my own! I started with a basic Word template and customized it to meet my needs. I figured I only truly needed the most basic pre-set rows for pattern name, size, etc, then a large section for any notes I wanted, and a space to sketch.

Once I had my design, I sized it for my favorite notebook system: Staples Arc. Arc is a customizeable notebook that lets you add and remove pages, change covers, move dividers and more. I use a full size notebook by Arc for school, so I already had a spare set of small hinges (called discs), plus a special hole punch (from Amazon). I found an inspiring cover at Staples, then printed my planner pages, trimmed them to size (2 per sheet of paper), punched them and inserted them into my custom sewing project planner. Voila!

Sewing project planner

Levenger hole punch for Arc

Planner pages

Do you have a project planner? I’d love to see it!

Do you need a project planner? Let me know! I’m going to look into a method of sharing my pages with you.