Tonight, I’m starting my third Sassy Librarian blouse by Christine Haynes. This pattern is for a Craftsy class, which is great because it gave me step by step instructions for my new journey into “modern” (ie, later than 19th century) sewing. Also, as I’m a self-taught seamstress, I like classes like this because I pick up little tricks and tips from experienced and/or trained sewers. I buy Craftsy classes when they’re on sale for $20. I like that I learn something new from each one and can refer back when I don’t remember something. Well worth my money.

Sassy Librarian Blouse

I’ve made this blouse twice already and thought I should share those versions before I start number three. You may have noticed these blouses already in my Fabric Covered Buttons post.

Buttons on finished projects

First was this awesome floral fabric I hunted through multiple fabric stores to find and used initially for a playsuit. This was leftover fabric, and I still had more leftover after the blouse. I made size 8, for my 36″ bust, but it was too large. I seamed both side seams in about an inch and it was perfect after that. I used large 7/8″ covered buttons because big buttons just feel so retro.

Floral collared blouse

For the second blouse, I tried the other view with the cute bow at the neck, using the same yellow fabric for the body. This time I jumped to size 4, which fits, but is snug in the bust and created a bubble above my chest from not being able to settle back in place after I move. I used 1/2″ covered buttons on this version, but it still feels appropriately vintage, despite my preference for big buttons!

Yellow & brown blouse

Blouse number three is going to be size 6, since I’ve already tried sizes 4 and 8. Hopefully size 6 will be perfect without a full bust adjustment (FBA), but if not, I’ll be doing size 4 with a FBA on blouse number 4.

Has anyone else tried or have plans to try the Sassy Librarian Blouse, or any other Craftsy classes?