Chic Ahoy Slacks, Halter, & Bolero

A month or so ago, I made the Wearing History Chic Ahoy 1930s slacks from some brown linen I had handy. It’s paired with a Sassy Librarian Blouse made to match. This past weekend, a friend took a few pictures for me to share with you!

Sassy Librarian Top & Chic Ahoy Slacks

The buttons are fabric covered buttons, using the same brown silk to match.

Close up of button front

Underneath the button closure is a hook and eye at the waist.

Hidden hook & eye closure

This pattern went together quite easily and I added a few extra buttons. The pattern is designed to be belted through vertical buttonholes, but I wanted all the buttons. I did find that the buttons aren’t as snug fitting as a belt would be, so the top edge of the hidden closure tends to peek out. I will have to try the belt next time and see how it wears. I’m considering modifying this pair by adding two more buttons across the top to hold it in place there.