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“Glow Up” Photoshoot

Today, I did a little “Glow Up” photoshoot. I took hundreds of photographs of myself and narrowed them down to these two shots of before and after. 

Both outfits were made in April 2020 during the Coronavirus self-quarantine. I used Advance Sew-Easy 9616 in size 14 for the coral shortie pajamas and Charm Patterns Jane Set in size 6C for the playsuit. I’ve made 2 playsuits from the Jane Set pattern so far and I think I need to lengthen the crotch rise a bit in the future because both turned out snugger than I prefer.

I’m also super proud for doing a wet set and brush out into a decent style for the first time.

Have you been on a sewing kick in quarantine? I’ve been blazing through projects faster than I can document them!

Simplicity 8139 Modification into Playsuit

Simplicity 8139 Bathing Suit

Simplicity 8139 Bathing Suit

After the this summer’s failed attempts to find a romper that didn’t look awful on me (ugh elastic waist!), I decided to sew a vintage style playsuit. This was my first completed everyday clothing item, since I usually only sew Renaissance clothing for reenactment.

I used Simplicity’s pattern 8139 for a bathing suit and modified the skirt into a short, omitting the inner elastic leg shorts.
This was my first time EVER installing a zipper (Renaissance clothing didn’t have zippers) so I was very excited to have it look decent on my first try!

Center back zipper

The rest of the playsuit was simple to put together, but I could stand to shorten the straps slightly if I make it again. I’m short, so that’s not an uncommon problem. I’m also curious to try a full bust adjustment (FBA) and see how that changes the bodice.

Loose bodice front

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